Yellow | Inland teamsters Wary Of YRC's Plea

Now that I know that it is the bank's demanding these concessions I feel a whole lot better telling YRC and the BANK'S to **** OFF!
The spokesman at that local phrased it perfectly. He cited numbers that everyone can understand, and how
we feel!

BP is a straight shooter. I am not in his local, but he still took time with RC in 2009 to come to our local and talk straight business in 2009.

I was provided with a list of what YRC wanted and appreciated the stand that they made to ensure our healthcare throughout this MOU.

I saw the list of the "crazy" demands that YRC proposed at the time.

After review and much thought, I voted yes, with the best interests of my brothers and sisters in mind.

I would consider a "yes" vote again, after talking with my brothers and sisters extensively, if the MOU were extended as it is presently, BUT-

That being said, I am not in favor of continuing down the path of the terms of the present MOU. I do not see ANY future hires unless the pension is reinstated, even if wages were to increase at a modest rate. I do not see any other carrot that can be dangled to encourage people to come work here. This speaks from my Western Conference point of view.

I see attrition due to retirement, injury and disability, until there are none of us left.

I understand that some NOT in the Western Conference have concerns about the future of their pensions. Some of those say it is a poor choice to throw good money after bad.

What I know is that other conferences are still contributing at a 25% rate. We of the WC do not receive any contribution to our pension. We are frozen. We receive our 25% compensation to the Teamsters 401-k.

WC pension is solvent. I see a sticking point in the collective point of view, in that the WC wants full reinstatement in the pension.

I anticipate this being an issue, when terms reach paper and a vote becomes reality.

As I have said before, our barn has stated overwhelmingly, that we will not entertain any further concessions until we are fully reinstated in the pension fund.