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On a final dispatch, do not get anymore tomorrows.
I once had a tractor that was essentially unlimited except at the fuel pump. At a certain speed the computer killed the fuel supply leaving engine with zero output. Which was something I could never accept because I am one of those people who has a empathy on engines or other devices that sometimes work really hard for what they are exceeding their designs.

As a workaround I switched to Georgia Overdrive on the downgrade and let Gravity add the speed until there was either no more downhill and now we are on our way up. Wheee.. OR there was a hell of a downhill that made a momentum run up the next mountain grade up possible while loaded.

I am leaving out the details for such things. Our esteemed engineers building these tractors at the factory do not know how it could be possible to bruteforce a computer into seeing a situation where certain downhills and a Doctorate in Physics takes care of any old silly 65 cruise BS problem.

I lay this at the feet of a inudstry unwilling to wait a damn week for the trailer to get to Joisey intact. They waited two to three months for it on the water, the can wait a damn week. But no. Now thts its been released bu customs, get the Dollar Boys out on this dispatch, anything less is a form of abuse.


Well-Known Member
Well here's the issue...Saia has been buying these International LT's since 2020 model year. I've driven quite a few of them on my LH run and theyre fine, with a Cummins X15 and 450hp. It'll get the job done and I'm able to keep my foot on the pedal when I have the cruise set to 68 so that the sh*tspreader doesn't decelerate when passing/climbing hills.

On the 2022 models, Saia has programmed them to still be governed at 68 on cruise, but only 65 on the pedal and to stop acceleration at 62(pedal) 65 (cruise). Eventually it should hit your target speed, but these damn things were programmed with the idea of fuel savings (no acceleration) and preventing the driver from following too closely.

They're DANGEROUS. You can't pass in them. If I get close enough to see that the vehicle in front of me is going 58 in a 65 and I go to pass, the truck will slam on it's brakes a football field away to match the speed of the vehicle in front of me. When there's an opening to pass and I move into the passing lane, the POS won't accelerate AT ALL until there's nothing around it in a 400 yard distance. Pushing on the fuel just cuts the power. So im left sitting in the passing lane, at this point going 10 under the speed limit and cars/trucks have now started flying past me in the right lane and tailgating behind me.

I'll get back in the right lane when safe, only to have the same stupid 58 mph vehicle reappear minutes later, forcing the same passing nonsense.

Along with the camera BS and general thumb on driver feel from corporate, this last move with the truck programming has really killed any last drop of enjoyment I had at this job.

C'mon Saia, why the change from 2021 to 2022 models?!?
Too many pencil pushers and with no real world driving experience or the inclination to think that maybe, perhaps...they don't have all the answers and should ASK a driver his/her opinion on the off chance Management hasn't thought of everything. What a concept