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IntoTheNight w/ TonyBruno is Back!

Discussion in 'Sports/Hobbies' started by MissRobinAustin, Mar 23, 2015.

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    We know we had a lot of trucker fans out there when Into the Night was on Nationally w/ Fox Sports so I wanted to bring it to ya'lls attention that "Into the Night w/ Tony Bruno LIVE" is back on BlogTalkRadio as the #1 Sports Podcast. Tony currently does a LIVE show Monday Nights from 8-10pm EST (more shows will be added). He takes calls, talks sports, entertainment, plus Miss Robin has all her crazy updates. If you can't listen live, you can still download his podcast to listen on those long hauls. No reason to miss the hilarity and hijinx.

    Log on to BlogTalkRadio.com/TonyBrunoShow and follow us now. Plus, call in to 914-219-0864 (press 1 to talk to the gang) during the live show. We want to hear what your hauling, just like old times.
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