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is conway truckload hiring?


New Member
Sorry if this is a common question but i looked through the first few pages of threads and did not see a topic like this.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if Con~Way Truckload or Freight is hiring? I live near Boise, ID and need a new job. I done the online application but it didn't say if Con~Way Truckload was hiring or not.

I would also like to hear some pros and cons about Con~Way. I like the Truckload vs. Freight I see on the forums here. :)

This month, they brought in the first orientation class of solos in quite some time. Idaho is not in the hiring area. This doesn't mean that they don't ever hire from Idaho, but it does mean that someone from Idaho might be less desirable than someone from within the hiring area. If you call the headquarters in Joplin and ask to speak with a recruiter, they could probably give you a detailed rundown on the state of their hiring at the moment.

I know that there was essentially a freeze on solos for quite some time and, during that time, there wasn't much desire at all to go outside the hiring area even for teams. Business has improved markedly since last winter though, so this may have changed. When you live in a lightly serviced area, the rules can change on you from one week to the next. Just the way it is, I'm afraid.

The Freight vs. Truckload stuff tends to be the result of poorly informed people on either side. We operate in two completely different worlds and our paths sometimes intersect in the form of certain linehaul lanes. Maybe 5-10% of our (Truckload) work has anything to do with Freight. Other than those certain linehaul lanes, the only similarity between our jobs would be the name (Con-way) on the doors of our trucks.

Speaking for Truckload, the pros would be fairly steady miles, their willingness to leave you alone to do your job, overall pay that is average to slightly above, and reliable equipment.

The cons would be our pretty lousy pay for things like layover/detention/holidays, the fact that our logs are now audited against GPS data (so no more little tweaks here and there), a generally incompetent night/weekend staff in Joplin, and a less than precise system of getting home on or near a given day (even worse for people outside the hiring area).