Is the Lewiston Terminal closing?

With the freight volumes dropping and P & D drivers looking for something to do in LST.
The word on the street is Spokane will once again maange the Lewiston Terminal, it makes sense.
With a outbound bill count of maybe 10 bills and inbound of 20 bills, is there really a need for 5 drivers in a town that is close to Spo.


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Wouldn't be the first time they did it. They used to put resident drivers there and then a year later recall them to PAS.


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Been there, those guys have been pretty busy ,there volumes are like everybody elses
somedays slammed somedays slow
personaly, I cant see them closing
I used to run LST out of PAS and help set up that terminal. I don't think they will close it, but I do not know how many drivers they have there now. It used to be 3.