R&L | It’s a miracle the driver had minor injuries in this wreck.

How in the world did that damn windshield glass stay intact? That must be some sort of bullet proof lexan or something.

That kind of a drop and the damn windshield stays intact. COME ON Now...

We had a wreck similar to that once in the old Frederick 76. The interstate had one run off to the right westbound STRAIGHT towards that row of parked trucks including hazmat sufficient to kill the city. Once it hit the ditch at a crazy angle it proceeded to be twisted neatly into a twist.

Trailer tires pointing at sky, the kingpin 90 degrees to one side and the tractor opposite. How the driver got out of that one I'll never know.

HOWEVER. In my lifetime there is one wreck that I will never forget in terms of lucky bastards coming out with minor, repeat minor injuries.

We were coming out of San Antone past the walmart distribution just out of city limits NB on the interstate. A drunk 20 something in a SHO Taurus rammed my number two in his ICC Bumper. The entire car was reduced to about a waist high pile of shredded scrap about roughly the size of a couple of washing machines with the engine block inside the bottom middle of the space.

How that drunk escaped with a couple of cuts, owies and bruises is something best left to God to settle. Most every time when people ram those ICC Bumpers they get cut in half. CHOP.
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