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It’s Coups All the Way Down


I live Here

It’s Coups All the Way Down​

Nonstop dramatics about the GOP threat to democracy is part of an attempt to cement Democratic Party hegemony, not ensure election integrity​

But if you sincerely value liberal democracy—not just majority rule but open debate and the protection of individual and minority rights—it can be hard not to notice the irony: A political movement that has worked so hard to censor and marginalize its opponents in virtually all institutions is claiming that it now represents the vanguard of democracy.

That Irony hits you like a Mack that lost its brakes


On a final dispatch, do not get anymore tomorrows.
And the democrat party dont know what to do now that they are first.

Being first means you are the one collecting all the bugs in the teeth for your troubles among your dear subjects who simply refuse to submit to the drivel produced by a sun addled Marx 170 years ago.