FedEx Freight | It’s not just Amazon, FedEx's Fred Smith too has plans to deliver packages by drone

I'm building a Big Dave drone to do all my inside, residential and mall deliveries :)
Heck, he can handle all my PITA customers too...
My was says I'm a drone.....or was that a drag? Actually she called me a (censored by TruckingBoards) Oh well nevermind.
They'll make for good target practice, not to mention being worth more than the package, I'm sure scrappers will have a heyday.
I can just see the mistakes now with the drones...The operator will have accidentally fired the hellfire missle instead of pushing the drop package button!
That's another issue, as if we don't have enough plastic bottles laying around. Now we'll have to find a place for all those plastic trays. Purple Fedex Brown UPS White everyone else.