It's not over yet!!!

I like your optimism and am glad to hear it will be gone through in ten days and not 30-60 days. Good luck gentlemen (and ladies if you have any).
Sorry to be the wanker at this party buttttttt,,,,, the Union agreed to the master list of voters seems pretty cut & dry to me !!!

Its over :)
They did agree to the list but u changed it after it was approved.
It's not over . But it will be soon with a union victory.
Nice try cheating at the last minute changing local drivers departments
But it won't fly...
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First- I do not work for NC. I am an ex Jevic. Just like to keep wind of what is going on there.
Anyway, am I correct in infering the union is for the local drivers only?
At least that is the way I read it
you're right. They have a list signed by management and the union. But the list presented to the NLRB was different Einstein. How did that happen???? magic ink????
Ok. Just curious. Kinda seems unfair to do just one segment of drivers. I assume the sleeper guys made the same sacrifices, pay cuts, 401 etc
Yet I have not read anything about them. But to be fair, I have not read every post. Not interested in the personal stuff.
But I have no skin in the game either
Just wish the best for ALL the drivers,not just the ones that get home daily
Thanks, it was determined to get the local guys in first. Everyone across the board has made the same sacrifices. Just look in the papers, NCT is constantly looking for road and regional drivers. They have drastically lowered their hiring standards because the drivers don't stay once they find out the truth. It's a sad situation, you working for Jevic, knew how things used to be.
Oh yeah, just Jevic with red trucks. Seems like Harry made the same mistakes. Teamsters know how to do it. Organize.
If the vote is yes, will the road guys get to " buy in" to the benefits package offered by the local?
BTW I was a road driver for Jevic. Thats the root of the questions.
Used to feel slighted when the terminal cookout happened. Always missed them.Seemed like they were timed for the local guys.
I was out on the road.
STILL miss them where I am at now!! Doing night linehaul. Cookouts are for P + D
In a strange way, Jevic going out was a blessing. My attitude got better and stress went way down.
With a good company now. Good bucks,equipment, treatment etc
That's what the guys are looking for here, less stress, better pay, and overall recognition for there hard work and sacrifice. That's all been missing for quite a few years. Glad you're happy where you are, it's all about peace of mind.
Not likely I worked for Glen Moore and when Glen Moore road voted away from the union they where dumped on ,even the teams that ran YRC didn't get the union benefits,besides I talked to Chris and I forgot the other guy's name and both said they are not worried about the road drivers. I'm sorry to tell me you're not worried about my job is saying " I don't care " and or we don't have a plan for that yet. Those are words I don't like to hear. Because what was once good is shot to crap. Besides if the union is so " open" to things why is it I ask questions I get told either don't worry about it ir that's not true. I'm sorry but when the union screwed you out of a job and tell you to go to hell and no one cares to hear you're side,yea there's a reason someone has a dislike for that group.....
That's peculiar,because I've spoke to Chris and he has plans already set with regards to the road and regional drivers. I didn't speak to " the other guy " but there's a game plan evolving.