Yellow | Jesus in the trucking business


TB Lurker
I just had a visual of my Savior working in the LTL business. I can see Him hooking a jiff- lock tractor( or donkeys in his case). I bet it would be a challenge to get one donkeys tail tied to the other ones nose.( bet you would get a reaction when u clipped the "carter clip" in) .
Talking about trouble hooking a set of doubles. Just imagine toeing 7 or 8 of those wooden carts together with bailing twine.(yes, we are still using the left over twine today ) . Talking about having a real bad wiggle wagon on the rear, it would take a whole new meaning.
I think one of the positive things is that going downhill he could probably top our maximum speed of 62 mph. Right as he topped a hill he would just hit boyh donkeys with a jolt from an electric cattle prod and I bet we would be astonished.
Now from a supervisor position. I can just see Jesus having a pre- shift meeting with all of the dispatchers. As he tells them all that if there is any lieing by anyone, that they will immediately turn to dust. At that point the dispatchers would checkout a vaccume cleaner for each individual dock- worker. For they know ther is about to be the largest dust pile in the history of mankind.
Finally, I can just see Jesus delivering one load do YRC freight. When the customer opens the door and sees the entire load in immaculate condition and not one thing damaged. It is then that the customer says " my god". What a miracle. It is then that Jesus say you are right, I am your God, and only thru my son is a perfect load of YRC freight possible. Along with salvation and everlasting life. GOD BLESS ALL, COME ON AND LAUGH ,LIFE IS SHORT