Off-Topic Joke Thread

Back in the 70s a guy in a new Vette had a flat in front of St Elizabeth’s Hospital for the mentally ill. In his haste to get back on the road he dropped the lug nuts down the sewer. He sat bewildered until a guy watching from inside the fence told him to take one nut from the other three wheels to get him on his way. The owner exclaimed, “great idea”, what are you doing in that place. The patient replied, “I’m crazy, not stupid”.
I think that must have been the same guy who asked me what was I going to do with the load of manure I had on my truck.
I told him I was putting it on my strawberries.
He said and, they call me crazy, I put whip cream on mine!
That reminds me, I haven't been flashed since my trucking days.
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