Off-Topic Joke Thread

Saw this in Clarence on Hwy 30 east bound yesterday ?
That was back when the jeans fit.

I remember schools used to ban the damn things. Whoo Diggie. Er Doggie... er...

Ma had a bug in the 60's rode in the damn thing. Its tragic because I was always trying to get out of the damn back climbing through the door frame getting fingers slammed on. Then its a trip to Franklin Square for Xrays constantly. They made a MINT taking pictures.

To this day none of the bones were broken. However today they are arthritic as hell. I suppose thats a small comfort. But those 100.00 Xray bills used to cause no end of chaos and trouble in the family.

They finally ditched the Bug. It was simply too expensive.

I was with other people later into the 80's who had bugs too. Those were fun. The old ones however.

One thing though. One of my fords was a awesome snow machine. Two feet of slush is no problem. But those Bugs... damn do they have feet like a mountain goat in bigger snow than that. Its amazing.
Today's whales pouring out of too tight jeans is a crime on humanity.

Even if they bought Jeans big enough to strap to themselves they just jelly roll out of everything. The jeans, then the straps and finally the chain drive bras.

UGH. My eyes. Ow my bleeding eyes.

Personally I dont care how big people get. But damn.
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