Off-Topic Joke Thread

Superman and Daredevil are having a get together and the discussed what they did during the day.
Superman: Well, I was flying over the city, scanning with my X-ray eyes and would you believe, there I saw Wonder Woman in a secluded field, lying on her back, stark naked with legs spread wide open. I though this was too a good opportunity to pass, I unzipped myself and flew in with superspeed for some action.
Daredevil: I bet Wonder Woman was quite surprised?
Superman: Yes, but not as much as was the Invisible Man!
A policeman was dispatched to a home where a woman had just shot her husband.
He called dispatch and was asked why did she shoot him?
She had just mopped the floor and he walked on it.
Have you arrested her?
Hell no, the floor is still wet!
Jeffrey Dahmer was being so rude at the annual cannibal picnic, the hostess gave him the cold shoulder
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