FedEx Freight | Just out of curiosity....


TB Lurker
Just out of curiosity, is anybody out there still driving 1995 Freightliners in the city? In our service center here in Southern California 90% of our city drivers are still driving the 1995 Freightliners without airconditioning. The other 10% drive the linehaul Kenworths of which I am one of them. We were told two years ago that all the freightliners would be phased out and more Kenworths would be brought in. Well, this isn't happening here. All the Kenworths have 600,000+ miles. They are always breaking down. Right now, half our fleet of Kenworths A/C isn't working right now and won't be fixed for another three weeks. Is anybody else out there driving crap like we are here?
well I am a line driver and I have a route 558 miles and then a shut. driver runs it another 230 at night. I have over 650000 on it and we don't have a shop in the state. we were told that the new trucks would go to places like this and the older trucks would stay in the bigger terms with the shops. but that was a lie. they have new trucks running city and a night run of 250. not even close to my run and they go to to big hubs with shops. wtf.
We do have a shop here and we do get all the older equipment, I was just wondering if other drivers out there are still driving the 1995 Freightliners in the city. Thanks for replying.
At my yard in Southern California, we also have a shop and a bunch of freightliners on local. I think we only have three of the little KW's They took four of them out of service a while back. Took the names off the doors. They sat for a month, then the names were put back on the doors and they went back into service. I guess this is Hootersville idea of getting new equipment. TP
All of the old stuff that was supposed to be sold was put back in service when the freight levels were spiking. We somehow aquired an old rusted out smurf. The did put fresh rubber on it though.