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FedEx Freight | Just relax this weekend


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Ok the we are all waiting to see what they are going to do on Monday. Ok everyone, just relax this weekend, don't get worked up. Watch some football with some friends this weekend. Or take the family out to the cidermill for some hot cider and donuts. Do something that will keep your mind off of these changes at work. Just CHILLAX, ok.


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Hey guys there is a good bye FXNL party at my house today. Even freight guys can come. LOL I think there might be lots of adult drinks involved!!!!


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Thanks but I would rather rant and rave and make my family miserable. They say pissing the wife off keeps the marriage fresh....


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Had some Capt. and Coke last night and forgot all about this mess. Thanks for bringing it back to the front on my mind.:tongue:


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Ain't nothing anyone one of us can do about it anyway. I'm not upset, just shaking my head in wonder at how callous they can be. I'll hoist a beer or three to all those that are going to have their lives upended. For some, for the second time.


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Yes it did. The posts were merged in with this one.

Read about it here.

Thanks Guardrail. I like to keep up with what my fellow truckers are doing. Sorry about what all you guys are going through. It's been happening to us ever since UPS bought us. They only care about profit not people.

That is what really cracks me up every year they try to get every one to contribute to united way to make them look good. I can't count the number of lives they have destroyed cutting their runs in half to make more with contract carriers. So we know your pain.
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