Yellow | Just Vote No!


TB Lurker
To all of My Brothers and Sisters employed at YRC Freight, Holland, New Penn, and Reddaway, It's time to stand up to these bullying tactics, and say "No More". We've given so much, and still have nothing to show for Our efforts. In late 2007 We wre told all the company needed was the utility drivers and the preffered carrier and We could compete with the non-union companies. Well, guess what? Three MOUS later, While each employee, at the very minimum, has given back over 100,000.00 dollars from Our compensation package, with a promise to be made whole March 31st. 2015, We are once again being asked to give back even more. We hear words like metrics and flexability. (MF). While the tasks that We perform day in and day out are sometimes challenging, they for the most part are very simple. You pick it up at point A, deliver it to point B without tearing it up or losing it in the process. Two major factors that can and do sometimes impede that process are bad weather and mechanical failure of equipment. Freight 101? Our tractors are set way slower than Our competition. Hard to run a race with no legs! Let's get back to basics and give Our customers the service they expect. If We are left alone by bean counters, We can perform better than Anyone, Union or Non-Union. Make profits, and not have to give up Our dignity and the standard of living that these greedy corporations want to make a thing of the past! YRCW needs to quit threatening Our livelihoods with bankruptcy and take care of business. If We stand together, We can stop these union busting tactics, And once again Thrive!