TB Lurker
Visited the JVL terminal recently. Wow! What a hole!
Sure, it is an older facility, but that has nothing to do with the general crappy apppearance of the place. Total dis-organization. Piles of cig bitts next to the door.
You think thats bad, the DEC center is @ the end of residential street. Trucks going thru the narrow street day & night.
Lot is full of craters, some over head doors broken and are wide open and they have a serious turn over rate. SWI
I have worked at the jvl terminal since 3/09 nothins changed. in fact now when we get back at night we have to park our trailers up and down the street cause there are no open doors.
One of the worst terminals in the system is Herin,Il. Alley like narrow streets to get the terminal which is in a residential
area and sharing building with another company. SWI
I'm at EVN, were allotted 6 doors at a 16 door dock owned by another trucking co, not much
better. Home every night. SWI
Dorhn has left Herrin,il I have heard! Not because it was a P.O.S facility and
location it was no business that facilited the decision.Hhmmm I digress, it's
probably the location. Also Dohrn INDY finally move to there own terminal,
I've heard it's nice. It's not to far from the old warehouse they shared with
Roadrunner and Supervan.SWI