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kaine on guns

Already got a nick name for him , corrupt Kaine...gotta love it.

Donald Trump Nicknames Hillary Clinton’s VP Choice as “Corrupt Kaine”

Verge Campus

“Crooked Hillary and Corrupt Kaine….”
Late Friday, Hillary Clinton announced that she had found her running mate in Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. While many Democrats were supportive of Clinton’s announcement and were happy with the nomination, not everyone was overjoyed with Kaine’s selection. Just hours after Clinton made the announced, Republican nominee Donal Trump took to Twitter to weigh in on Clinton’s decision, dubbing Kaine as “the ultimate insider” in a text message to supporters.

Donald Trump’s campaign also issued an official state that naturally carried Trump’s “Corrupt Clinton” and attributed the same characteristic to Kaine dubbing the Senator “Corrupt Kaine.”

With the name-calling, Trump even weighed in and accused the Virginia Senator of accepting $160,000 worth of gifts while he was in office. While Tim Kaine did receive gifts during his time as lieutenant governor and then governor between 2002 and 2009, the Washington Post article points out, they were entirely legal, a fact that Trump easily decided to not include.