Keeping an eye out


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When they had the first big round of layoffs, and were getting rid of full time dockworkers, they "strongly" suggested that dock hands move into driving. So their time in that job is pretty short. One guy in particular did not want to go into driving, but would have become part time as his choice. He wasn't allowed to. He was told that there were no part time positions available. He did the training and became a driver. Then they hired a slew of part time dockworkers. He HATES driving. Absolutely HATES it. I'm sure the only reason he's sticking around is that he has a young family and needs the bennies.

Now, I'm betting he loses his job. Very nice guy, hard worker, just chewed up and spit out.

We are also going to be watching very closely how a couple of the favorites are going to be treated. A couple are in will be bumped, and we're curious to see how they will be taken care of.

We have one driver who runs the PM dock. He's hourly and is doing a salaried job. But, he's still listed as a P&D Driver, so we wonder if that is going to affect the dove tailing. He is in that group of our drivers that would be affected by the merger.