Kind of happy August is on the way...


TB Veteran
Well are you guys happy schools about to start up here in the next few weeks?
I kind of am, I've got another Frankenstein swing route tomorrow and truth be told, I'll be happy when schools back in session and I'm not fumbling around at stops I don't know. After a while it gets hard because you can't remember every thing about every place and there are some spots you go to once and then never see again for a year and what ends up happening is when you go back there it's like being new again.

Also school will be back in and not that money's bad, but loads get heavier and case counts go up more money comes in, nothing wrongs right now, but I'll be happy when schools back and stuff stabilizes a little bit. Although initially the first couple weeks of school start up are rough, but that eventually flat lines and becomes normal and really ceases to be anything.
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