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US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions
I78 is an accident waiting to happen from I287 in N.J. all the way to I81 in P.A.
And it's not the only dangerous area in the country. All areas have their challenges. From huge mountains to snow to huge cities with mass amounts of traffic.
I get that.


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Back in 78, the company disabled our first 121 brakes, they were a nightmare.
Out maintenance director back then was opposed to most government bureacrat mandated regulations, the FMS 121 brake system was no exception. He kept exact records on every driver complaint & there were many. I think 77 was the first year of 121, 78 also had them. Finally the law was rescinded & the 79 models had straight air brakes. I forgot how much the 121 brakes added to the new tractor price & parts were very expensive & often not available. Several companies manufactured 121 control sytems. As I remember Kelsey-Hayes brake systems would pick up signals from CB radios & apply the brakes.
At first several states DOT would check the ABS light function. The light was supposed to come on when the tractor was started, then the light would go out when the system went through the self diagnosis test on each axle. I won't say which company but often the ABS light was removed & the low oil warning light was plugged into the 121 socket. When the ignition switch was turned on the light would be on but when the engine was started the light would go out when there was oil pressure to the block sending unit. If every tractor was parked when 121 parts were not available, half of the fleet would be down.


US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions
And Yellow with 102 pups...surprise surprise.
Same accident from the from above link. There were 2 shutdowns there this week....hours long. Unsafe roadway.
I'm not pulling them thru there. No thanks.
Happens up there all the time.
I'm not dying in a truck for greedy bastards who think they need 1 guy pulling 3-4 guys worth of skids in there. And they supposedly lose money doing it. How can you lose money with one guy doing 3-4 guys worth of pulling everywhere, all the time?


I don't do Facebook but can see the first few stories without joining. The dates are separate....all the time.
No thanks on the doubles at NPME...bring them and there will be problems.

That's supposed to be Facebook I-78 Sucks page...accidents always.

I had 3 big idiot sleeper trucks pass me on the right in that 10 mile stretch today. Signs read " No trucks in Right Lane".
Ya can't even take your hands off the wheel to hit your horn at them. Or even look in your mirrors when ya see their lights coming. Ya have to watch the wall on your left that your bouncing pretty damned close too.

Keep your doubles.

7 brand new CDL trainees will have to drive them thru there regularly.

They didn't take the job to die or kill people.

These OTR guys either can't read or they are total idiots who expect you to hit the wall to let them by.
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