LA County Sheriff's Department set to lose 4K employees for vaccine noncompliance

At least the Sheriff's Officers stuck together 4000 of them wish truck drivers would do the same.
You have to examine some history of the department as well. It is forgotten in our fast paced news cycle that the LA County Sheriffs Department stood out against Enforcement of the mandates and draconian measures not to long ago.

There were articles to this extent but have been forgotten.

As for our drivers, it is said to get our drivers to stick together is tantamount to Herding Cats. A near impossible task. I do believe it can be achieved to some extent, but to have the entire apparatus of our industry unite on a common cause like the Canadians and other countries drivers is shameful to the fortitude of our spirit as a whole. We have to much extent lost our backbone’s.
Dont need police
the crime surge is all made up
- Psaki

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