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laid off

city man, but ready for one of those cushy road job's where all I have to do is hold the steering wheel. :hysterical :hysterical
city driver here....rolling layoff has reached pretty far up the list a few weeks ago but it seems to be a little bit busier now...we have two people off on voluntary layoff and they come back monday I think,,,at least one wanted to stay on voluntary layoff but they told him no....we also rebid after they come back...I guess we will see how that goes....


i got a phone call this morning from tm, gave me a choice , layoff, work the dock(which is a huge pay cut) or line haul driver,so to keep my job, i will now be a line haul driver, its not what i want to do, but , at least i still have a job
Did eveyone get their letter today? With the number of full and parttime laid off. I was surprised with the management, office freeze, and not the driver's and dockworker's. Guess we are important in the grander scheme of things.


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They didn't freeze drivers because its not time for driver increases,remember last year only the 3years + guys and girls got raises. I do know that at Corp they are not replacing those that left for other reasons than lay off for the most part. No new hires for the most part either unless filling a must fill job.


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Tell what you know, I can tell you know something by that loaded question.

Another round of layoffs at my terminal I will start looking for a new place to roost. I figure another two drivers will double or triple the call back time and it may not come, still have hope for awhile sure hope the levels even out and quit the down fall.
I think it varies from each terminal...I heard cherry hill didnt have any laid off until recently. norristown just got three new trailer accounts, hopefully thats a sign of things on the upswing.......
key word in my question was rumor, if other's had heard it, there was truth to it. Since no one else has heard it, probably just local concern. Everyone getting nervous, especially dock people, after the fedex freight deal.


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check out the OD forum. Being that we are not a nationwide carrier I don't think we look at it the same way as others.

Watch Holland,Wilson,PJax. the ones that are similar to POE and that is more suited to us than FedEx, OD or YRC, thats what I look at. We did good last year up until the last quarter and even really up in til Dec.

POE is more proactive than reactive, I question that some but still Debt free and a lot full of new equipment ready to roll if needed. All he got to do is write the check and its in service.
I think some held on hoping for the fall of YRC and when it didn't come, thats when the massive lay off happened without notice for the most part. We have been doing it as needed to keep things flowing somewhat steady. I am hoping no one else has to sit and collect unemployment as I don but things around the house are coming up fixed, I have time now. Looking on the good side if there is one.


Does Pitt-Ohio buy or lease their equipment? I see the tractors say in small print Leased to pitt-ohio.


Thanks fo the info. Hey if either of you 2 are from The Toledo terminal say a hello to John and Linda from Randy.


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Also this month

I understand your feeling's, and in the last 13 year's they have alway's been able to keep everyone busy. These are not ordinary time's, read some of the other board's, alot have been laying off month's ago. I know this was a last resort and not an easy thing for them to do.

and in march are normally very slow, if anyone has anytime in frreight they are aware after Xmas until usually the end of march it is dead even in good times........with the economy the way it is this just seems to compound the problem everywhere. I think alot of companies are having to tread new ground that they have never been.......
On a good note though ...I was reading in the business news that inventory levels are at the lowest in15 yrs and that they think we are at or near the bottm because theses companies will have to start ordering more stuff to stock their shelves....:smilie_132:

prime rib

I'd take the layoff before I worked the dock.
I'd collect unemployment and work off the books.
I'd make more than I would workin full time on the road.