Land Air forced to pay up!

Discussion in 'Land Air Express Of New England' started by 2coolio, Oct 25, 2018.

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    Well,well, well, it turns out that Land Air's pay scheme of no overtime until after 50 hours is ILLEGAL in Maine! As per the Maine dept of labor state law requires that all drivers who do not cross state lines must be paid overtime after 40 hrs. If you cross state lines such as a linehaul driver then they do not have to pay OT because this falls under federal laws. So now, if you file a complaint with the dept of labor you will be reimbursed all your overtime. This amounts to thousands of dollars for a lot of people. I've already filed my claim and been told by the state how much I'm due and it's a lot! Where is my check Bill?? If he doesn't pay up we can sue him and he will have to pay triple damages plus all court and lawyer fees! The state of Maine isn't screwing around with crooked Bill!
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    do they pay the dock OT after 50 also ?
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    I know the guys at Pyle....every hourly worker....gets o/t after 40. The hourly rate is adjusted so the weekly gross is in line with the terminals that do o/t after 45

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