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Las Vegas Expanding


Active Member
R&L is looking for a drop yard in Las Vegas and hiring 8 to 16 Line Drivers. Las Vegas is blowing up but that many line drivers? More City drivers have already been hired and still hiring. The Terminal has become too small instantly. Tractors are parked trible deep some days. I will let you speculate I don't want to spread a rumor. The Drop yard and hiring are on the record. LSV does about 350 to 375 outbound originating from LSV. And inbound is about the same.


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Gearing up for Yellows purge of Reddaway freight. The new Boise terminal is proof of that as well. The proverbial $hit is poised to hit the fan soon in the west.


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What is going around is them cutting many Cali runs out. Line runs will start in LSV and run to Cali and then relay freight to SLC, AZ, and ABQ When they built LSV they build two Terminals next to each other. One was rented to OD to a long-term lease. And hoping that when the Freight levels came up over the years. They would not renew the lease and connect the two Terminals. Well, the lease was up OD build its own Terminal and RL was not ready to connect the Terminals. So they rented again to a company that has Gov Contracts. They are not a trucking company. They just move secret stuff around the area. And will not or cannot allow us to use the yard. So drop yard is the only option and they are very rare in N Las Vegas. S Vegas has some but too far away. LSV is stuck in a contract with a 3rd Party company. They use 2 of their drivers and Trucks. they are required to have 15 stops each. RL was paying 700 a day for them and redid the agreement to 15 stops. So if freight is low on any given day. Company drivers get cut and contract drivers work. At the time they need the help. Now they don't need them but are stuck for the time being. Las Vegas is blowing up with distribution centers. So many companies moving over from Cali. And Manufacturing is also on the rise. Not an area of the valley where growth is not taking place.