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Last Chance

I just want to say to my union brothers that I have worked at YRC for 25 years,. and the last thing I want to do is lose my job and any chance at a pension. That being said, I want all of you to think hard about how you cast your ballot. This is unlike anything we have ever faced before. The company knows we are all very desperate to save our jobs right now. That is why they are using this opportunity to get rid of everything that has been fought for in the past. They know we went on strike to say NO to their part timer ********. They also know we would laugh them out of the building if they had tried to draw a line over 5 minutes of break time.
Guys, if this was just about helping them save some money to save our jobs it would be different. I think we had to give them the 15% paycut. But this time you have to do some soul searching and think about ALL the things they are asking for. They know they wont save a penny over things like 5 minutes of break time. This is just their chance to get rid of a lot of things, that they never had a chance of us giving up in the past.
Of course the company has to say that we will all lose our jobs if we dont vote for it. Thats exactly what they need for us to think, and they are counting on it. Lets all stand together and let them know we are willing to cooperate to save our company, but we will not be bullied like children with their threats.
Give them a signal of solidarity and they will at least counter offer something that makes sense.
You think they treat you bad now???? Vote this in and see how much respect you get from management in the future.


Well said toppin....i've got 10 years vested, 2 kids that need insurance badly, and a sizeable mortgage. I can live with the proposal...problem is, i don't think the management is smart enough to even know what to do with the new rules, money etc. I have agreed to every demand financially but i gotta pass on this one.
I am standing beside you my brother. I have a daughter who relies on my job also. I also have a couple medical conditions and really need my insurance.
However, I think if they get a big fat NO vote they will almost instantly delete the ridiculous parts of their proposal and maybe ask for a couple things that would look like they would save a little cash, just for the sake of the banks and any potential investors. I truly believe that this the company feels this is the golden oppurtunity to get rid of the Labor practices that annoy them the most, and I'm sure they all have their fingers crossed hoping we are so frightened that we will sign ANYTHING they want us to!

And if they do close up, our children will learn something about our integrity and that we stood our ground and went out on our FEET!!!!! NOT our KNEES....