Layoffs and bankruptcies pile up in logistics amid shocking downturn

They’re Award winning reporters? They predicted a slowdown. They have Ted reporting from his bathroom. Article sounds more like a sales pitch, touting themselves.
Reminded of this as I no longer see 10 Roads or Roth trucks in/out Indy. BRG’s boy Jamie running USPS if I’m not mistaken.
You will find the USPS engaged in cost cutting by dumping crappy bulk mail stuff that is not first class and cost more money and time than its worth onto brokers by about the 18th of this month.

Ive run mail into Springfield USPS on a time schedule to the minute and dropped it in the exact spot with a number painted on the pavement 4 minutes early. Walked inside with papers etc and the Postal Dock Boss bawled me out for being 4 damn minutes early and also have the balls to drop it where my dispatcher told me to exact.

The whole operation is bullshit. Brokers will be stupid to touch that with a ten foot pole. And then take 120 or more days to be paid? Ya right.

All junk in my mail box goes into the trash can next to it in my place. I hardly ever get any these days. Thank God. The random Amazon boxes that I did not order go into the dumpster unopened.

If its a load of First Class US Mail, you will never have billy bob, Mr Blyat, Towel Schmual or Hairy skullcap walk in off the street to hook onto that trailer anywhere or gain access onto USPS property without fingerprints and so on up and down the wazoo.