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Been hearing from the Union and the Company, " we are not making any money", So in the past few weeks I have been trying to put that into perspective, These are my observations, Feel free to add your own. people do read this stuff.
My genius outbound supervisor failed to count his dolly's, instead of loading what he had available, he loaded too many pups, causing a turn driver to leave with a single, and me having to make a 200 "double-turn" to move that unit,
UPS figures it's cost at $1.75 a mile hence, that "mistake" cost $350.00, or as I like to think about it as my 1/8 of a cent every six month raise being applied, that would take me 364 weeks, or 7 years to recoup, at about 96 cents for every 1000 miles we run....
There is a certain mechanic in an unnamed terminal who has not picked up a wrench in years, let's call him Gepeto, say he makes $55,000 a year by my formula that will take me 57,291 weeks to make up, or 1101.2 YEARS.
Our illustrious CEO, Mr. Abney, the last figure I can find is for 2016, a stock option of $10,000,000 plus a bonus of over $400,000, using my 96 cent formula, 10,833,33 weeks, or 208,333 years.
Numerous examples of our outbound light loading trailers just to make their "cut" times, causing me a 200 mile unneeded trip.
And I won't even get into damages that I place squarely on the shoulders of the Company's' part=time attitude...
WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM, as a whole we "work as directed", and do it WELL, and SAFELY, UPS's part-time mentality is to blame, too much emphasis on just the "numbers".
Add your own examples, NO NO NO....
Be safe brothers and sisters....
Industry wide LTL freight is a turd when it comes to profit margins. The top dog currently is OD, Why? because they have the best facade to attract employees who are in their working prime (23-35). High starting wages, less forced OT or better known as Millennial Kryptonite. They couldn't care less about not getting paid time & 1/2 after 8 or 40 because they have absolutely ZERO intensions of working such hours. UPSF has been very efficient in keeping operating ratios under 98 for an extended period of time even through recession. all the while having the most top heavy wages and benefits in the industry. small pack was always meant to subsidize the freight division. that is a huge selling point to combine package and freight customers under 1 computer program it is the only way deep discounts will be available to customers in the future.
I agree with you frtchucker, several terminal managers ago I was shown our terminals yearly budget projection, I forget the actual figures, but we were projected to lose let's say $500,000 that year. I asked how that was possible, he showed me how he had to pay, UPS personnel for our hours and miles, UPS leasing for our equipment, UPS properties for our facility, UPS this, UPS that, billed for computer software and use, billed for supplies. One pocket is bled dry by the other, they can skew the numbers anyway they want...
VOTE NO! Plenty of money UPS 2017 Full-year profits surged 43% to $4.9 billion or $5.61 per share while revenue climbed 8.2% to $65.9 billion.
Another one, had to move the tractors due to the storm, took them to another terminal, when they returned them, despite there being loaded trailers for our location they bob-tailed them. Why? They were doing it on line haul shuttle, more wasted money,,, Give me a freakin' break....
The deal is this, usa corporate world just got the mother load of tax cuts. If we cave on this deal we will be eating ::shit:: for the next five years. It doesnt matter if ups claims freight lost money in the past. They will be making much money in the future. That is where we work, the future, not the past.
It just gets better and better, they towed the tractors in to our terminal, another 100.2 years of my $.96 a week raise..
To senior UPS management, WAKE THE F%$# UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Run this the way it should be run, and has the capability to run, or sell it to someone who can..
God bless all of you that have 20-30 years to go...
To our esteemed Union negotiators, you bought their line of B S hook, line, and sinker... Time to Man UP!!!!!!!!

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