Lift Axles In Ready Mix Trucks – Help With University Research - Survey


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Hi there!

I'm a Transportation Engineering student researcher at the University of Texas at Austin, and I wanted to see if you could assist me in some research I’m doing. The one-liner for my research is that I’m researching how companies in the ready mix industry use lift axles (or not). I posted about this research on Reddit (now and a couple of years ago), under username mannuman, but the scope of my research now is much more refined than it was before (in case you see/saw that post as well). But yes, in short, this only applies for readers who have/had experience with ready mix trucks. I’m asking for (completely anonymous) survey responses, to a survey here. Since I'm a new member, and understandably not allowed to post links, if you're interested in filling it out, please let me know and I'll share the link somehow (perhaps I can post them as comments). What follows is a brief description of my research.

There’s a lot of recent university research being done about trucks with lift axles, but few, if any, focus on learning from the actual end-user of these trucks: the truckers/trucking companies. That's where I'm hoping my research will be different. My focus is on asking questions directly to truckers/ trucking companies to learn from their perspective.

For this research, I'm trying to understand things like how a ready mix company might benefit from lift axles, what are the primary motivations, how drivers are trained to use them, do they cost more than regular trucks, etc. I’m looking to learn as much as I can about ready mix operations with/without lift axles. For easy distribution, I made a survey, and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Above is the link to the survey, which can be answered completely anonymously (if you wish).

If you'd also be willing to connect with me in depth about this, please comment and I can ask specific questions. I'd also be happy to answer any questions you may have about my research.

It's a no brainers. Lift axles on a mixer truck are required, if you want to get 10yards of concrete from your plant to the jobsite. The average mixer truck weighs 40 thousand pounds. 10 yards of wet concrete will weigh, on average, 40 thousand pounds. 40,000 plus 40,000=80,000. If you want to haul more, or you want to test the already in place, LAWS, go ahead
Put more on the truck, or leave your lift axles up. Its mechanics, not science.
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