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line haul doing city work

I'm a city driver, and I get offered linehaul runs constantly, mostly for weekends. It's never forced.

Although city work for linehaul drivers is forced where I'm at. I refused that once and got a night off when I was on the nightshift.
thanks for answering back sling blade, we don't get offered line haul runs but alot of times they will leave a city driver at home and work a line haul driver in the city. I will just say I haven't worked 5 days since last september. not mad but it is sure hard when i havent topped out yet but guys at top working 55 hours a week if not more.


New Member
I am a slash driver. I go in around 2:00 pm. I may pull 1 book and a switch or two. Then I do some shuttles. This is a bid for us and is great money. Hours suck but until we pick up a little, I'm happy to do it.
You see what the UPS Freight guys did, Joined that Union nationwide and already have a great contract with the Teamsters. Sooner or later you will have to join the Union and step to the plate. I know some J--- Off manager who is getting his is going to come back with some stupid BS. But you guys who bust your balls for that company know the real deal, labor has to make a come back, You see the state of this country with all the part time bull **** and no jobs. You can't blame the Unions because there aren't many left.
It's time the tide turns. If you don't hang together, They will hang you individually.


Active Member
Oh me, aTeamster trying to turn such a little company as POE into a major Union carrier, what should I think?? I thinks he may be looking for a soft place to land his overworked mind and body. Well if ya know anything about POE then you will keep on moving onto another companies forum. You will notice not much activity here that because we are all working year around. Thats right year around,except there was one term that layed off some last winter. Been a long time sense I have heard that layed off term used around our work place except if you want to take off a month or so in the winter but thats your choice.
You need to get your head out of your butt. This company doesn't care about you. If you have been here a long time they will go out of the way to compensate that person. Everybody else is just a peon. The union would be the best thing to happen to us. Management would have to stop screwing with us & play by the rules. Are you happy with only getting 1/2 of your profit sharing? Face it can you retire on $150,000.00 That is about all you'll get after 25 plus years. You don't know what goes on out in the big world.:butt kiss:


Active Member
Well Sir if you want a Union job then go get a Union job. Like it or not you and I agreed to work for POE with a full understanding of what they pay and what the beanies were or were not. They offered you a job,you took it fully knowing it wasn't a union house now you think it should change. I believe that is your choice. I may not like what they require but I also know I can leave anytime I feel the need. My future is my responsibility not the companys. My head is on my shoulders not up their A$$ as you say. I wish you well on being a teamster with POE but I will bet we will be unemployed first, their or his choice.