Central Transport | Line Haul New Hire in NAS


TB Lurker
Just got hired on in Nashville...What should I expect working for Vitran? Been on Layoff from YRC after 6 years.
I am so sincerely sorry. Expect to :buttkisser: a lot, or not get anywhere. Expect to eat a lot of ::shit:: to just keep your job. And don't expect to get a raise, or ever reach the amount of pay that people are getting after being there 4 or 5 years, you can't get there now....but in these hard times, it is a paycheck, and just that.
Yeah he's right about all that also if you noticed you did not get a employee handbook thats because they just make up the rules as they go along whatever they need it to be at the time. Your in for a ride my friend.
There are good terminals and bad. Just because you might have a crap terminal dosen't mean this terminal is junk. How about any place is what you make of it? Maybe your a little burnt out just like the rest of us? ::shit:: I tired to. You can look at this way........this guy just got hired on.......he makes more than me and I have been with the company for going on 5 years.
I seen on CNN yesterday that Vitran's NAS terminal is totally under water. Hopefully everything works out for you guy's down there.
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