FedEx Freight | line haul ?????????????????????????


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i was hired at national for line haul 2months ago from freight. when i started as a line hual guy there were 4 city guys that were coming to line haul they still have not come to line haul they are still in city when they come out are they ahead of me or be hind me on line haul board.also how often does national rebid thanks
Don't quote me but from what I've heard they would be ahead of you as soon as they can be released from city after more city guys are hired and processed and from what I've heard they normally bid in June and December, but that is just what I have heard I am new hear too so maybe one of the senior guys will chime in.
hey thanks for reply . does anyone know if it comes to a lay off does my company time with fedx hold me in a road job over those road guys with less company time i work out of a small center and was woundering if it was like freight
Your company time should protect you from layoff. We have a guy at our yard in Freight that came from Express. He has 20 total years of company time, but is very junior in department seniority. When we did the change of ops that saw guys and gals with more time than him in freight go down the road, he was able to stay on. He gets vac based on his 20 years but bids at the bottom.
If it's like KCM, they will come in ahead of you. They were promised linehaul and stayed in the city until they could be replaced.

Layoffs go according to company time in your job class.