ODFL | Linehaul new guy

First, welcome to the OD board. There isn't a definitive answer I can give you, like so many things here it depends on your location, the companies ever evolving policies, and freight levels. OD has tried over the past few years to phase out Wild pack a bag line haul in favor of bid runs, most terminals a wild driver will still be back home on a daily basis (at least at my terminal ) covering extra turns, vacations, illnesses etc. And we've had a couple of guys at hire get started out on the unpopular bid runs immediately. There no doubt are a few wild bag drivers out in the system but that's becoming pretty rare.
are you 'new, new' like never driven and going through school, or you have experience just coming onboard? As poster said above me, the '5 day wild bag' is phased out, atleast I heard it is in Greensboro, NC. I heard it's mostly 3/2 wild bag. Go somewhere, lay down, come back home the next day. Also, it depends on location as well. Some terminals you get hired on and get whatever is left on the bottom of list. Could be shuttle, could be wild, could be a 640 mile night that the meet guy shows up late EVERY NIGHT and you end up doing 13-14 hour days(that's the runs nobody wants! haha). Good luck on your new adventure here. What terminal will you be out of?