Holland | Linehaul out of Conley

Ellenwood address to be exact. You’ll start at 44 cpm and the road board there isn’t that big to be such a large terminal, but it’s a revolving door. As soon as they hire a road driver, they quit or go to the city. Seems like most of the new hires get decent mileage, but you’ll be driving a piece of junk to start out with. Management down there is poor, and getting out at night will more than likely be after midnight on a regular basis.

For some reason, guys are being told during the hiring process that they’ll be home every weekend. It’s true and it’s not..sometimes you’ll run Sunday night to Sunday and sometimes you’ll leave Monday and get back Saturday. Good chance of being forced out Sunday night if you’re on the bottom of the board.

Good health benefits and clock time for everything you do beyond driving.

Not trying to be negative, but it is what it is. And if you’re already in the area, you know how bad the traffic always is.
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