Linehaul paid for time

The company is upset. Claiming linehaul drivers are abusing non driving compensation. Perhaps they should consult the contract they signed. It has been agreedIt has been agreed a driver will be paid 7 1/2 minutes or $2.55 to get his asigned load from dispatch, sign out, make sure the load has been secured (DOT requirement), trailer door closed, door coned for safety (STDF requirement) walk to the tractor, tilt the hood and inspect the tractor. Start engine check lights and finish inspection, drive to hook on to the trailer. Attach glad hands, crank trailer legs, kick wheel chock, pull trailer from the door and perform DOT safety inspection of the trailer. Start your log for the trip. This can not be done in 7 1/2 minutes but that is the agreed upon compensation. What causes paid for delays? Load not ready, inspection found a mechanical problem, city driver did not top up tanks, so if no problems driver is paid 7 1/2 minutes. When a problem is found, the driver is to contact dispatch both to inform them of the delay, and have them decide best course to resolve the problem. The driver is “on duty” by DOT rules. The company is required to pay on the clock all time spent resolving the delay. Paid by the mile for the miles driven. When the bid run is a meet and turn a driver is paid 15 minutes for a drop and hook plus trailer inspection. This can be done in 15 minutes. Again DOT on duty time. Delays if any are paid by the hour. Contact linehaul dispatch then pull trailer back to home terminal. Major rush hour traffic delays if any are to be paid on the clock. Upon return to the terminal, spot trailer in assigned door. Your are paid 7 1/2 minutes to drop the trailer, remove the cone from the door, and turn in manifest and sign in. Drive tractor to the fuel island where pay is set at 15 minutes to fuel and service tractor. Not always possible in time allowed if waiting for fuel. This is also DOT on duty time, and the driver is to be paid on the clock for the extra time if any. Next park tractor and complete drivers log including manager signing off for time spent.
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