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Hey guys thanks for all the feedback. The money is there to be made, however due to my family and young kids I can't deal with layovers in Ohio and being away from home every other day. Thanks again.
I ain’t mad at ya for that , family is always first. The money isn’t everything and should they need to ever really use the insurance the TeamCare will be a much better option anyway that may negate any extra earnings you make from switching anyway.


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Loop is right, depends on how big the family is,could get costly for insurance, I'm single, so my insurance cost is very minimal, regardless, you wl make close to 100 g,or more, on the board,both good jobs, just depends what you're needs are, just be careful what Holland terminal you work out of,as to the merger with yrc,could effect how much you work in the slow months,
How is your prescription plan there at Estes? Cover most medications?
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