Central Transport | Link to Employee Intra Web Site?

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Hi. I'm looking for a link to the web site that Central employees use and wonder if anyone here could post it for me? I'm trying to get more info on medical benefits as stated on the form husband brought home but you have to go through that web site. He's one of the new/old Vitran employees now Central. Thanks for any help.
Hoping that this might just be a glitch with my computer, but, healthcare paperwork says that 'The SBC's (Summary of Benefits Coverage) and Uniform Glossary are available on-line at the internal website:


...under Benefits Info.' Can anyone access that link because I can't?
There is no external facing site. His TM has to pull it up locally.
Oh, my. Does that mean only our husbands can select the choices?

My husband hasn't been involved in selecting/enrolling in benefits throughout our entire marriage. LOL
Husband called and said that what nophix said is right, can't access it other than at the terminal by the TM. However ... he did say he was given the necessary paperwork for enrollment so he'll be bringing that home tonight.