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The Babylon Bee
15 hours ago
Producers Confirm Liz Cheney Will Not Be Back For Season 2 Of January 6 Hearings "Liz was a standout in season 1 and we're sad to see her go," said fellow actor and screenwriter for the show Adam Schiff. Read the rest: https://babylonbee.com/news/producers...
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Northern Flash

Big Boy Toys
Cheneys actions have something to do with her father and the Bush dynasty.
Yep. Her hatred for Trump likely stems from the fact that Trump made "low energy" Jeb Bush and his family look like washed up, political chumps. And since she was the only one left in a powerful position, she thought she'd curry favor with the dynasty for going after Trump. She failed miserably.

What aggravates me most is that Diz Cheney never had any damning facts or criminal actions to lay down against Trump from the 1/6 mess, but she forged forward anyway.
Screw her.

Northern Flash

Big Boy Toys
After being projected to lose her primary bid for reelection in Wyoming, GOP Rep. Liz Cheney said a message she received from a Gold Star father more than a year ago has guided her actions.

"He said to me, 'standing up for truth honors all who gave all' and have thought of his words every single day since then," Cheney said in remarks from Jackson, Wyoming.
Maybe the Gold Star father was referring to Cheney’s dad lying us into Iraq.
I really doubt a Gold Star father would talk to that woman.
Out of thousands of Gold Star family members, there is always a few, so people like Diz Cheney glom on to them and use them to forward their agenda. 95% of them likely detest the Cheneys.
Diz Cheney has no moral compass so she shouldn't be using and abusing those who do have morals.

Northern Flash

Big Boy Toys
The left, who is all about "democracy"
is heart broken the Liz lost

I guess they missed how democracy works
And the left used Diz Cheney like a rented mule. Now that she'll have very little value to them, they'll discard her like a two of diamonds. She was stupid enough to let the left play her like a fool and she also let the Bush/Cheney dynasties get in the way of clear thinking.
She'll still make millions off her name, as a pro war lobbyist.
Screw her.
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