Load of Christmas trees rolls in NC

End of the video report says those trees were bound for Lowe's Home center.
Gee kind of early to haul fresh cut live pine trees.

One of my wife's relatives sells Christmas trees from Canada,every year up in Boone NC.
Glad they weren't his trees.
There Are Christmas tree farms all over Boone nc area they usually start shipping around thanksgiving or just after wonder if he had just left one of those farms
Hmm that is a bit odd the wife's cousin buys his trees in Canada to sell in Boone if there are tree lots all around him?
I see on Face book,he just took delivery on a Semi load the other day.
I don't think I will ask him why he buys his trees where he does,I am sure he has his reasons.
Maybe it's a different type of tree everyone wants that certain look
Probably so. I remember years ago hauling pecans from OK to GA and thought that was the craziest thing, with GA being the biggest pecan producer in the country.

Learned it was because brokers order different types for different uses.

The same thing with rolled paper. It seems like the same product is getting shipped back and forth across the country.