ODFL | Looking for driving position in Louisville


TB Lurker
Wondering if there is any driving positions open in Louisville, Ky. I have 8 years ltl experience working for Con-way Freight. I would also like to know how od is to work for.
kymule, go to this website,put in the state your looking for and call the terminal and ask them if they are hiring ,they do not always post on the website when they are hiring, this time of year will probably be tough though, goodluck

Service Center Locator
What are you looking to do, linehaul or city? OD is a great place to work, but as a former Con-vict myself I will say that in the city you will miss the ot after 8 that you can get now at XLU. Good luck in your decision...
I know every region is different but we had two extraboard drivers who worked the dock more than anything. They run more miles than the guys that were above them and I at conway. What the big strappers at conslave get as vias those guys are running as directs. And happier than a pig in mud. I dont trust any large organization but for the time being od seems the place to be. And if you have 8 yrs, id assume you atleast have a bid. Guys say the work environment is great there and everyone looks out for everyone.