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Made my 2nd t-shirt


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This is how they look on black shirt I kind of messed up the white in this one but this was my first black one ever doing so
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On a final dispatch, do not get anymore tomorrows.
One passed away not too long ago, he would be a barrel. I am not kidding. Got him started on that Mexican food once.


On a final dispatch, do not get anymore tomorrows.
Had an idea for a tshirt the other day. A seat belt across the front so it looks like you're wearing one when you aren't.
Clean forgot that hideous seatbelt orange. I am supposed to be a hardened American Trucker able to deliver God's House on the other side of hell tomorrow morning. What am I doing with all this pile of safety crap?

That's why we keep reminding the new kids every year do not take the school hall monitors job.

Decades ago I was loaded and rocking north bound in river fog. Pretty thick stuff for that early in the morning. A good old boy had managed to get around the medican to get his fuel and coffee. The reflective tape was just enough for me to get off her and kick it down right quick. He heard me. I don't mind a little shine, chrome or whatever. But this safety crap has gotten hideous.

Can you imagine a coffin in a funeral marked "Caution, stay out, may cause death by suffocation?"