New Penn | Management should have to go down for drug testing the way they're running 07 they have to be on dru


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Here we go again the big terminal manager perved on office staff finally got what he deserved demoted plus a cut in pay he really don't care what he's doing he don't answer the radio or do anything which is okay the lunatics are running the Asylum update starting this week . Our brilliant managerial staff decide to start most of the drivers at 9 oclock and 8 am shifts they're complaining AKA...manmanagement about we're sitting around and getting paid because these idiots won't let the trucks roll at the other terminals before being full and now we have to pay the price this is going to be fun we just did on the shift a couple of weeks ago they're breaking it early to try this new system oh my God if we don't get what we want a substantial raise let them close their doors 15% is been way too long if we get a contract like ABS no effing way everybody has to vote know until we get what we want or let them shut down we have the power it's an employees market now everybody's looking for people they going to have to pay their fair share if they want to keep this company up and running would be a shame to see this place close it could be a great company if they had big heads and suits that knew what they were doing and listen to the people that work for them and get off our backs these people are so desperate now management it's not even funny they asked us for help whenwhen they never would in the past:101::1sm364jumpbed:F@#$ them
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