Manhattan,NY.,Authorities want to charge a trucker/getting stuck under a bridge.


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Oh my a car hauler no less.

This video report claims half of NY City was at a stand still because of the truckers error.
I know I wouldn't have wanted to be one of those drivers waiting for that overpass to be cleared.
"This driver’s actions clearly fall into the exact definition of reckless endangerment, as one who 'engages in conduct which creates a substantial risk of serious physical injury to another person,'" wrote Vallone, chair of the Council's Public Safety Committee.

This should read thus; "Politicians actions clearly fall into the exact definition of reckless endangerment" Arrest the driver, when we should probably be arresting Mr. Vallone.
Driver was taking a shortcut because the Globol Positioning STUPIDITY stated such was a feasible alternative in expediting delivery, or Driver looked at a MAP yet IGNORED "TRUCKS RESTRICTED ON" ROADS or it was Drivers FIRST TIME in N.Y.
Whichever is the truth, Driver gets extended rest break and I HOPE the driver OWNS THE COMBO.
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