Pitt-Ohio | Maven

I dont have peoplenet at least I dont think I do. I use a tablet to track hours of service.⁰⁰
We're getting Maven sometime in March at all NY terminals. There's only 11 linehaul drivers in NY currently as best I know so it's going to be an easy transition. Cameras are coming in the next few weeks to all the old POS trucks.
WSH was the first terminal to begin using the Maven and PGH had since changed over as well. My last day on the road was also the last day on PeopleNet so I have no first hand experience, but can tell that there’s been issues as would be expected, most seem to be random instances of it not doing what it should 100% of the time. In the city side the most common issue seems to be pickups being entered but not saved in the system, also some minor annoyances like strip sheets for drivers at other terminals coming out of our printer or multiple sheets for the same drivers. From what I’ve heard most seem to be okay with it and it sounds like it will be an improvement over the PeopleNet once the bugs are worked out.
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