R&L | MDT problems

Should have just bought into the Qualcomm systems instead of creating their own. They could have even connected a scanner to them.
My truck seems to eat those for breakfast. The biggest problem I always have is that they always shut themselves off when you turn the key. The way you have to work around that is scan the bill first.

It'll really be interesting once this newfangdangled dispatch system goes online. Hell, they can buy all the electronic doodads they want. But nothing will ever change until they do what really needs to be done and that's start cutting the dead wood loose. They can start with the dispatchers who surf Facebook, Fantasy Football, or whatever the hell they do all day instead of monitoring their damn dispatch screen like they're supposed to.
I'm constantly having mine replaced, computers don't handle well in these trucks without something like a gyro system to dissipate the shock these pelican boxes take.