FedEx Freight | Meeting drivers


TB Lurker
I drove to wamsutter wy ( wyw) to do the meet. I was early ok I admit that. But still waited almost 4 hrs for the other trk to show up. They drove in (not a company trk) and I waited and waited finally drove around to look, they had to fuel first. This was the first time they met me but in the words exchanged they said we had to wait all the time for the SNE driver. One time half a day then central told us to take it on. I sorry for that It wasn't me. But shouldn't you run each one like a first one. Right now it seems that someone different does these every day. As much as I would like to stay the powers that be will not let it happen. So if the driver you met yesterday was late maybe it wasn't his fault. Or maybe he is just a slug and let's pour salt on him LOL
What a beautiful place to sit and wait. What you going to do when its 30 below and blowing ? Only to find your meet driver is upside down on Elk Mountain. Hope you get paid to wait its only winter 10 months of the year their.
Ok so I rambled!! I had a moment!! I forget that the men are perfect. Point is if you meet the same person twice in 2 wks right now good for you. Don't make me pay cause the person last wk was always hrs late. Get there, swap, buy your coffee, pick your nose or whatever after the swap. I know this has all been said before.

So now I have ranted and raved. I feel better too !! I've had my shower!