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My Wife’s Brother. KIA, Khe Sanh.

A Note from The Virtual Wall​

On 08 July 1968, Charlie Company 1/1 Marines lost three men at Hill 689 near the Khe Sanh Combat Base. They were
  • LCpl John R. Galabiz, Valinda, CA;
  • LCpl Howard C. Williams, Gueydan, LA (Silver Star); and
  • Pfc Vaughn L. Brown, New Palestine, IN.
I know three of the names on the wall, my cousin, next door neighbor and the neighbor across the streets nephew.
All three killed in 1968. It wasn’t such an easy and fun time like some of today’s young folks seem to think.


Reports say the first arriving police only had hand guns. I’m not buying it
Most police cars I’ve seen have a shot gun right in the center of the dash. That close to the Mexican border police aren’t going to have more than a nine mm?
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