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My allah, between pie and mode

The Babylon Bee
16 hours ago
Nancy Pelosi Recommends Avoiding Pain At The Pump By Becoming A Millionaire Through Insider Trading "If you want to avoid suffering from high gas prices, the solution is simple," she said. "Just get elected to Congress and spend decades trading stocks based on insider information only Congress is allowed to have! Easy!" Read the rest: https://babylonbee.com/news/nancy-pel...
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Loyal Subject Of The GREAT MAGA KING
I don’t know what to say America needs President Trump.

The entire global picture would look totally different right now had Biden not been installed by the deep state. The economics would be better, there would have been no invasion of Ukraine, the Abraham Accords would be bearing fruit in the Middle East, China would be hesitant to mention annexing Taiwan, there would have been no divisive vaccine mandate, we would have a southern border, the invasion would be in check, there'd be more baby formula and less fentanyl, and on and on. In short, everything would be better.


Loyal Subject Of The GREAT MAGA KING
If you are using Windows and you want to get rid of the goofy image they put in the search box on the task bar, you know, like the rainbow flag or whatever. Do this. Right click on the task bar, go to "search", click on "show search highlights", poof, it's gone.
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