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A man pulled up next to a cop conducting a traffic stop in Chicago, pulled out an axe and charged at him before he was shot dead.
Pulse-pounding body camera footage shows the moment an Illinois man lunges towards an officer with an ax during a traffic stop — before he is fatally shot.
Yes that’s real, the perp seen mid air after the officer shot him actually stopped his car and charged the cop who had another car pulled over at the time with an axe. Nutty world huh?
You guys know how I love a happy ending.
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Northern Flash

Big Boy Toys
Watch the video of it. The officer had seconds to draw and defend himself it happens so fast. Now where is the media coverage indicating that this was a terrorist attack by a Muslim individual?
The officer should have just kept backing up instead of firing at him, while he waited for a social worker to show up on the scene.


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9 hours ago


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