Yellow | Memo To All Employees From YELLOW CEO!

That is so nice that the CEO took time to write this bullshit letter. All Teamster employees have given back to this company for over 10 years. All while the top dogs give themselves bonuses for Loosing less money. Getting 750 million from the government. Selling off property since they bought Roadway. And still barely Made a profit one Quarter in ten years. Oh and also the banks have been very patient with Yellow and the ridiculous mismanage of this company for years. All Teamsters have sacrificed for over 15 years to save Union jobs. That bullshit line is worn out.
I honestly believe Hawkins, much like his predecessors, is a lying sack of 💩. The west coast he keeps mentioning is not up to par. If it was, why are they still flying dock guys from 107-New Penn to several cities on the west coast to help out ? The amount of $ being spent on that process is ridiculous
The rest of the country should have fixed that decades wonder the funds collapse.
I think you should do better research. The nail in the coffin were rulings by the ICC that reduced the federal oversight of trucking. The airline industry was then deregulated. President Carter urged Congress to further deregulate trucking; it passed the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 (MCA 1980), which severely limited the ICC’s authority over the industry.
The problem was and continues to be too many retirees, and very few contributing employers. Prior to deregulation there were many private fleets that were signatory to the NMFA. Hostess and Holly Farms to name a couple.
The other very important changes were to the regulations regarding MEPF. And the level of contribution as compared to benefits paid out. They were not allowed to maintain a surplus, as a hedge against lower contributions.
I get that.
But knowing that the reduction due to closings is a problem and that the funds need contributors it would be a good idea to get and keep what you can. Even after all the closings, it isn't hard to figure out that bigger trailers and multiple trailers are for reduction of employees. That means even less contributions. And as the wider and longer and multiple trailers became legal.. it should have been seen as a place where we should do something to make up for the already huge loss of members.
And should be seen that way today.
When our funds rely on contributions...then we better have some....automation is on the horizon...then what?
The company looks at cutting us as more profits and savings... And looks at bigger and multiple trailers as a way to cut.
If they make more money with them in most parts of the nation...them we should say we are pulling can have that....but you cannot have it at the cost of one pension contribution nor one guys pay rate.
You're getting things there can have that......but not all the rest.
Your service might improve and make you more money....but you can't have it all. We get some. More our share.
Service and quality was the benefit of regulation...there was still competition.
Cheap doesn't equal just equals cheap
My primary objection to your suggestions is they are unrealistic. $ 0.64875 is the current mileage rate for van trailers. Do truly believe that pulling twin should pay $1.2975? And triples should pay $1.94625? That is NEVER going to occur.
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